St Mary’s Church, Penzance

We visited this church as part of a Choir tour.

It’s an imposing building, set on a hill, with lovely views, including over the sea.
Inside is strangely modern and very versatile, pews, lecterns and more able to be moved with ease.
There is an old organ that is in need of an overhaul. It came to the church in the 1980’s following a fire, from Oxford. It was made in the 1950’s and is actually rather large and too big for the church!

It’s up on a balcony, overlooking the church. It looks beautiful!
Rather than use this and pay for an overhaul, the church have recently bought a new organ. It’s electronic and you can even download the sound of up to eight other organs! It’s tiny and must be the way forward. In the scheme of things it’s cheap at around £16,000!
It’s small enough to be part of the main church area and sounds lovely.

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