Salisbury Cathedral

Today I had a unique experience, along with 19 other boys and girls, about half of whom already have Organ lessons, I had the opportunity to play the organ in Salisbury Cathedral.

(The crutch is because I fell and on my knee and it hurts!)

Greeted with refreshments, we were then given a very interesting account of the organ and all it can do. Then, each and every person had a chance to play. Some were beginners and some were superb players, all taking advantage of this opportunity.

Each perfomance was shown on the ‘big’ screen for all to see

I played two pieces, one with pedals, one without. The people up in the ‘organ loft’ with me were my organ teacher Chris and the Director of Music at Salisbury Cathedral, David. I really need the organ shoes desperately now, my boots were too big to play easily on the pedals. Isn’t it a good job we’ve ordered them?

Everyone came away having got something out of the morning, including the tourists visiting the Cathedral. How could they have known that such young people had such great talent on an incredible instrument? At the end of the session, we were treated to a rendition by John, the Deputy Organist in the Cathedral. He came and played with the choir when they visited Cornwall, so it was good to see him again.

A wonderful morning, providing a fabulous experience. Now we’re looking at Organ School over half term.

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