Heading home from our holiday today, we took a detour this morning, to visit Hatchlands where the Cobbe Collection is housed.


Here’s me with my Granny and Baba, Daddy and brother Jamie.

There are over 43 keyboard instruments of various types, along with some harps. Baba’s mother is where I get my interest in music from, it was a real treat to visit here with him. We spent a  long time looking at each keyboards and listening to them being played…..

The instruments were amazing. There was so much history. They had belonged to, amongst others, Chopin, Haydn, Elgar, Beethoven, Marie Antoinette and one signed by Bach?! I really enjoyed it and even gave the organ at the end of the tour a go (it’s the only instrument there that you’re actually allowed to play!)

I couldn’t remember my pieces well , but I’m  really pleased I tried.