Eisteddfod Success

It’s been a long day of music performances.

I started with my organ solo. I played in two classes, I was in fact the only entry for both, BUT my playing received rapturous applause, and I think surprised many in the church listening. Mummy said she’d go as far as to say I played the performance of my life and was awarded accordingly with a distinction and in the next class outstanding!

outstanding organ solo

distinction organ solo

Winning the class, I was awarded with medals and the organ cup.

Here’s a recording of what I played in my second class….


I then took another class, the piano repertoire. I received a merit as did all the other entrants in the class!
piano merit
The final class of the day was a duet with my friend Issy. It was great fun and was awarded a distinction! I think we should play together some more.

What a fabulous well spent day! Thank goodness there’s only one class tomorrow!

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