St Paul’s Cathedral

What an amazing day we’ve had in London. Our choir sang Evensong in St Paul’s Cathedral, London…yes THE St Paul’s! We left home at 7.30am and Devizes at 8.30am – over 80 of us headed to London from Devizes on buses.

Whilst we rehearsed Mummy, Daddy, Granny and Baba did some sight seeing

Heading back to St Paul’s, they heard the end of rehearsals.

My headteacher came to the service and Jamie’s sent a message of good luck. The service was really well attended! According to a sidesman, it was a busy evening, they’re not always that way. There was a mention about our visit on Radio 3 and Classic FM and people actually came because of that! It was certainly the largest congregation the choir had ever sung to, they were brilliant. The 45 minute service was all sung by the choir, the congregation just joining in for the Creed. The highlight for me was the Magnigficat.

Service done, a few more pics and home!

What a remarkable day.

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