A surprise gift!

On my birthday we had a surprise, very welcome visitor. Chris Totney, my organ teacher, had a special gift for me…..I’ve always wanted to play The Toccata. I settled for a Toccata at grade 4, which I am in fact playing in church at the weekend, but Chris has bought me THE Toccata, in full,Toccata and Fugue in D Minor by Bach.


There is a tiny element in this piece that I am already playing, in that it is one of the scales on the pedals for the grade 4 organ exam and Chris has highlighted it within the piece and written me a note to remind me of it.


Last night however, I started to learn the piece. It’ll take many months, if not years for me to have the whole thing mastered. Here however, is a recording of the opening few bars played by me behind closed doors….. of course!

And here is a recording of someone, somewhere playing the whole thing – one day this’ll be me!