Cambridge visit

Mummy and I have headed to Cambridge for an Organ course. When Chris visited me on my birthday, he suggested I look at The Organ Scholar Experience (which I am going to observe in July). The Royal College of Organists have been very supportive and suggested I might like to attend a course and take part in Cambridge, so here we are!


We took our trusty motorhome, Molly and arrived with sufficient time to do some exploring! So, we caught the bus into town


and found the college, Sidney Sussex, ready for tomorrow’s course.

We had a look at some of the colleges that were open and even we’re rather taken with the organ at Christ College.

Of course we saw Kings from the outside and are very excited about the private concert the course are having there tomorrow!


With weather as beautiful as it is today and being in Cambridge, we enjoyed a punt along the Cam and now have a firm list of favourite colleges: Clare’s, Trinity and Kings. However, Oxford is nearer home and that’s where my heart is set….for now!

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