Cambridge Course

This blog entry has been written by Mummy.

Anna has had the best experience in Cambridge today. She met the ten other students at 9.15am and has played, conducted and sung with them. We arrived in time for hot chocolate and iced buns!


The day started with an ice breaker at Sidney Sussex College, which certainly helped Anna’s confidence as she saw others go up with books she is learning from and one person play O Little Town, one of her recent exam pieces. She played with such confidence.

They were then split into their groups and I was told I could go!!! Her first session was on transposing and sight reading at Clare’s College. I’ve been reliably informed she transposes with confidence and sight reads well. Her tutor was James Parsons from the RCO.

A quick walk to St Catherine’s College and she was with David Goode. She played her Toccata really well to him. His only advice was to play with it a little more, which now the exam is done I think she might, it’s a show off piece, he’s told her to show off!

Back to Sidney Sussex, she had a lesson in choral directing followed by lunch and more directing and preparation for Evensong. The older students conducted and played during the service to gain experience before their organ scholar applications. Anna however played a voluntary and did a reading.

A short break, enough to buy a few bits and try out a £43,000 piano I’d seen earlier in the day.

The timetable has been full on and as I write this blog entry she’s still going. We’re currently at Kings College, just the students and their ‘supporters’. So in all there are about 30 of us in this glorious building.

We’ve heard the organ played by the master, David Goode, an organ scholar of Kings and now teacher at Eton. AND we heard Anna!

She’s exhausted, but has thoroughly enjoyed her day.

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