Oxford Organs Part 3

Written by Mummy…..

It’s fair to say we’re exhausted following a packed schedule for the day. Chris joined us at 8.45am when there was a choral warm up, before the group headed to a fascinating session on choral conducting at Trinity. (Pics from last night)

We left there for Hereford where there was a workshop on playing Bach (a compulsory part of organ scholar auditions for Cambridge).

Following lunch at Queens, we heard an organ recital there


and then headed to St Peter’s for hymn playing and transposing. Each session is just the group of 5 students (including Anna as an observer) and is very full on and intense. They last from 60-105 minutes with no moment of test. Even if you’re not playing you’re observing to learn and answer questions.


From St Peter’s we headed back to Magdalene for Evensong rehearsal before Evensong, which finished at 6pm. Enough time to get back to Queens for dinner before a 90 minute talk on practice and conquering nerves. All in all a fascinating day, with the bonus of Chris with us until dinner time offering Anna support and advice and apparently even picking up tips for himself!

Anna now has Christ Church and All Souls on her possible list but that’s only from the outside… the chapel and organ have to ‘do it’ for her, along with accommodation and of course the course itself! Apparently we’re doing the whole course next year as a participant…and I think she’ll have no trouble at all in holding her own. She’s done really well.

Bed time shortly. Home tomorrow and then straight away in Molly.

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