Choristers Entertain!

This morning St John’s Choir members entertained a busy church with a variety of performances.

My brother, Jamie read a poem he’d written about the Football game at Christmas in WWI.

I played the Tuba Tune on the organ. I also accompanied Chloe who sang, while I played the piano. It was the first time I’ve done that in public, but it went really well.

Each year we have choir awards. Some are fun, being late, chatterbox etc. Some are more serious such as biggest improvement.  Jamie received the most smiley for the sixth year in a row and I received the Tuba Magna award for organ playing. Normally we receive our chocolate prizes at a skittles match so this was a bit different. I think the audience found it good fun.

The concert ended with the Choir singing the most popular carols voted for over Christmas.

After a ploughman’s lunch Chris gave an organ recital which was very well received. The pieces were chosen through a silent auction of requests. They offered a good variety of light hearted and heavier pieces. He’s inspired me all the more to play more pieces, especially some of the more modern music.

Next week I am playing in the Devizes Eisteddfod winners concert. Of course I’ll blog about it!

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