Lyme Regis Organ School

Today we headed to Lyme Regis so I could attend organ school for the day. Mummy, Jamie and Granny walked round town and took a lovely photo of the town with the sun on it.


Back at the church, I worked on my pieces along with 7 others.  Some of them I know from other events we’ve been at together. I was really pleased to hear one of them has just been named ‘Organ Scholar Elect’ at Chichester university, starting in September.

The ideas I was given to help improve what I am playing were really useful, but making the notes more staccato in the Tuba Tune is really hard! At the end of the afternoon we gave a concert for parents and those attending the three day course to enjoy. The Organ Scholar played the opening piece, a piece by Bach. Chris (who was also there for the day) apparently said straight away said I will enjoy that piece in a year or so – he’s so right, I can’t wait to learn it! I finished off the concert with the Tuba Tune, which went really well, even if the notes weren’t staccato! Some of the people I met last year when I was there for three days came over afterwards and said how well I played. it is so nice that the remembered me. One said, ‘I can’t play it as well as that, I’ll put it down to my age and not being as nimble as you!’. I hope you enjoy the video of me playing, taken from the big screen.


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