Pipe Up in Salisbury

Today, 35 boys and girls met in Salisbury Cathedral to attend a Pipe Up event, where we were able to play the magnificent organ there.

We were lucky, next year it’s being refurbished and will be out of action for a while year. It needs a break since it’s been played every day since it was installed in 1877! There’s more information on the organ on the cathedral website https://www.salisburycathedral.org.uk/worship-music-father-willis-organ/father-willis-organ-history

There were people there just starting out to some really talented players. Lesley, who we bought the Bach collection from came along to hear me play. It was really so kind of her to have given up her morning to be there and be so complimentary about my playing. I was last to play. I wasn’t happy with my big blunder in the middle, but I kept going and that I am pleased with, along with the rest of the performance. I’m trying really hard to make sure mistakes don’t get in the way in the rest of my performance. Here’s my recording from the big screen in the choir stalls.

After the event ended, I met a friend to go shopping in Salisbury before attending a concert in aid of Latvia fundraising held by music teachers in the area at St James church in Devizes.

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