Oundle for Organists

I’ve had a great time at Oundle for Organists. It was a full on course but I’ve learned so much and really developed my pieces.

We were split into small groups for the course, there were 32 of us in total. We were split on age not ability so there was a big mix of ability in each group which made it fun and interesting.

One of the highlights for me was playing at Gonville in Cambridge. I really like the organ. St Catz is really nice too, but I don’t like Trinity very much! I feel very lucky finding out about these organs now. Another highlight was one of the teachers saying I had enviable posture and his good it was I don’t look at my feet when I’m playing the pedals!

The course ended with about a third of the students playing in a recital at Oundle Chapel, from those who played a grade 2 piano piece on the organ through to a grade 8 organist. It showed a good range of what the students could do and how much we’d improved!

The course ended with certificate presentations and farewell to new friends, before the drive home. I would like to do it again next year and maybe the one for older students too. It was good fun and it’s nice to make organ friends!

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