The Grand Concert


This evening Jamie and I, along with our choir provided a filled church with a two hours of choral music and a couple of organ solos. We have worked really hard in the lead up to the event and it really paid off. Some of the music we have sung before and some of it will be sung in Latvia when we go in August. The concert was in memory of Stephen Brazier and Michael Oliver. They were both supporters of music in Devizes for many years, so it was really lovely to have many of their friends and family to support us this evening and hear our music.


During the concert, I played the Tuba Tune, possibly one of it’s last outings for some time as my grade 6 pieces are doing well now and at the next concert I am playing at in May, I am hoping to play one of those pieces . The recording below is from me playing this evening. Chris gave me such a supportive introduction and I couldn’t believe the applause at the end. In the heat it was really hard to play, my fingers stuck to the keys quite a bit!

There was a professional recording taken of the evening and CD’s will be available soon.

Chris mentioned my first concert when he introduced me this evening, here is a recording from that first concert. I think I might have improved a little bit since then!

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