Bishop’s Award

Jamie and I are as ready as we’ll ever for our Bishop’s Award exams today. We have 30 minutes to sing a hymn, a psalm, an anthem, a version of the Magnificat and prove we know about holy days, services, bible texts, liturgical words and more. I thought no I’m ready. I hope so, then I get to swap my burgundy ribbon for a green one!

We both came out quite happy with our performance. There were some things they didn’t ask us that we were ready for and a few things they asked us that we weren’t ready for. However, we think we’ve done OK. We’ll just have to wait for the results now!

One comment

  1. Anna and Jamie – It’s probably all over by now. I have been thinking of all the St John’s candidates and just hoping that you all perform to your very best, as I am sure you will/have done
    Christopher Joseph

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