Royal Albert Hall

I had a lovely afternoon off school yesterday! Baba and I headed for London for the Grand Organ Celebration at the Royal Albert Hall. I popped home to get changed.

Then we caught the train, had dinner

and then went to see the RCO and RCM buildings. I’d still love to go to the RCM one day!

We arrived at the Royal Albert Hall and took our seats. We had a brilliant view over the Hall and of the organ and screens. The screens showed us the hands and feet which was really good, especially with the some of the music that was played.

The whole concert was brilliant! It was so inspirational and I learned a lot because they talked about the pieces they were playing.

The highlight of the evening was Toccata at the end of the first half, when three organists played the same instrument at the same time. It was wow!!!

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  1. Anna Lucky you to hear three of the world’s most famous organists on one evening. Am so glad your school let you have time off. And you had dinner – including chips! Well the Diet Police can’t be everywhere. What a wonderful trip Christopher Joseph

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