David Goode Recital

Today I attended a recital at St John’s Church, by David Goode. The recital was organised by the Devizes Arts Festival and it’s the third one I’ve been to (Tom Bell played last year and Daniel Moult the year before). I met David last year at TOSE in Cambridge, which was for one day. He was an organ scholar at Kings College Cambridge and he arranged for all those attending to be able to play the organ.

Gail Foster kindly let me use this photo she took at the event. I love it because it has the banner Jamie and I made in the foreground!

Today he gave a recital of traditional and more modern pieces. I realised how much modern pieces make the organ work, with a huge variety of tones and sounds. The recital lasted for just over an hour and then I had the opportunity to say hello to him, thanks to Chris.