RSCM Music Sunday

Today the RSCM celebrated music in church and in our church we also celebrated the inauguration of the new Mayor.

We had some really lovely music at the service and Jamie and I were presented with our Bishop’s Award medals.

We’re both really proud to have them, especially now we can wear them for Latvia. We’ll have the proper presentation by the Bishop at the Choir Festival in October.

At the end of the service, I played the Organ Voluntary.

Chris and I had practiced me taking over after the end of the hymn. It worked perfectly!!! I was really pleased with how it went. Once again people were so kind and encouraging with their comments. I really appreciate their support so much and the faith Chris has in me to be able to play at such important services.


  1. Anna Many congratulations on your splendid playing of the fanfare, including some very nifty work on the pedals. It is no easy task to take over suddenly in a big public service and you are right to say that it went really well.
    I can’t open any other pictures on this blog apart from your introduction. Should there be some?
    Christopher Joseph


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