Have key, will use it!

Straight after school we went to Devizes so I could practice on the organ at St John’s. It felt really strange letting myself in, but I really enjoyed being able to practice there.

I played through all my pieces for grade 6. There is one I didn’t have a recording of, the Stanford, and tonight it was good enough to record, so here it is. You’ll see why having the three manuals and stops ‘set’ to practice on helps.

I also had a sightread of the first page of one of the pieces I’ve chosen for grade 7. I can’t wait to be able to play it!


  1. Anna What a lovely piece and I always enjoy hearing something new. I particularly liked the variety of tone colours. Did you choose the registrations yourself I wonder? Very good that you are now able to practice whenever you want. Christopher Joseph


    • Thank you you Mr Joseph. I helped a little, with guidance from Mr Totney. I’ll be playing it on Sunday along the Bach so I am ready for Grade 6.


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