A voluntary or two

It’s another beautiful sunny day and St John’s was rather cool and pleasant to be in! I was very proud to be able to play the organ voluntary at beginning and end of the service this morning.

I played Stanford at the start and Bach at the end. There’s no recording as people were talking, there was a microphone ‘sound’ etc. The good thing with that is that people didn’t realise it was me playing. At the end my friends and family (who knew I was playing) gave me a clap. One person commented to Chris that he’d been given a round of applause and he said ‘It wasn’t me playing it was Anna!’ That makes me feel so proud. Whilst there are no recordings from this morning, here are a couple from before of them both.


  1. Did play hymns at Corton Denham when I was there .I
    wanted to see you at Gilllingham Methodist Church last year when you played your first organ recital but I had to work boo hoo


  2. i have only ever had one experience playing a pipe organ in a church It was in Corton Denham church in 2011 that was ages ago


  3. Anna Lovely Bach playing and I was glad to hear it without the distractions. I wonder if you listen to Bach organ music on CD or streaming and whether you have a favourite player? I won’t anticipate by telling you mine at this stage. Christopher Joseph PS I can’t make the art work open your illustration at all – am I missing something?


    • The art one should work now! I do listen to a lot of Bach and a lot of other music too. I don’t think I have a favourite yet but there are a lot I don’t like! Mummy says she likes my phrasing on this piece.


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