Durham Cathedral

This morning I visited Durham Cathedral to meet Imogen Morgan, the organ scholar there. She was really kind and showed me the different pipes for the manuals and pedals, explained the history and gave me a really good insight into being an organ scholar.

We went up to the organ loft and Imogen played two pieces for us. Cortège Et Litany by Dupre and Lift Up Your Heads by Guilmont. They were both brilliant and I definitely want to learn them in the future. I page turned for her.

Afterwards I was able to play the organ. Chris was organ scholar here, so it made it even more special for me to play.

I played the Bach I played for Grade 6 as I love the pedal solo!

I loved the organ and all Imogen told me. Durham is number two on my choice list now for university.

One comment

  1. Anna What a glorious blaze of sound you achieved from this famous organ. Well done again and yet more very nifty work on the pedals. Christopher Joseph


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