York Minster

Today I visited York Minster and attended Evensong. It was sung by Chiswick Choral Society. They sang the Magnificat and Nunc as I do with choir and one of the anthems we’ll sing in Latvia, so I found it hard not to join in!

The Minster is very lovely, it seems quite new as it’s so clean!

The organ is huge! The pipes are everywhere! Sadly I wasn’t able to play it as there is work going on at the moment and it’s covered in scaffolding, but I did get to go in the organ loft to see the console, thanks to the visiting organist Ben. He was really chatty and encouraging. I look forward to being able to play here one day, I hope!


  1. Anna So glad you managed to see this wonderful building – the other star of the north along with the very different cathedral at Durham. I hope that you had time to study the newly-restored East window – one of the glories of medieval stained glass that escaped the Reformation and Cromwell. A pity about the organ, but of course they choose summer holidays to do the work. Christopher Joseph


    • It’s two years of work they’re doing apparently and the main organ goes out of commission next month. Robert Sharpe the DOM there has said I can visit and see it fully restored in 2020, so we’ll have to go back!


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