Today is the feast of St John the Baptist and as we are the Choir of St John’s and have link with the Cesis church, we’re here to sing today. We travelled about 1.5 hours from Riga to Cesis and had our first rehearsal together for five weeks. The church of St John’s is not on a very good state of repair, but it’s strangely beautiful!

Of course there’s an organ, which is huge and in the most enormous organ ‘loft’ I’ve ever seen!

After rehearsal and lunch, I headed back to church to practice my piece ready to play the voluntary this evening. I am so proud Chris has so much faith in me for such an important occasion. The organ is different in that the pedal board is straight big curved like I’m used to. It’s not very easy to play, but I am very lucky to have the support of Chris and Mr Hale helping me get the sounds just right!

Jamie climbed the tower and took some great shots of Cesis.

We all rehearsed again and then the service started. Here’s my shadow on the wall playing!

There was some really hard music to sing, but the sound was amazing! We sang together really well! At the end of the Evensong service, which was in English and Latvian, we had Choir, school and family photos. A memory of a special day!


  1. Anna So very very pleased to learn that there are some recordings of the service at Cesis and the Riga concert. I reckon that the choir has never sung better. And it was a rare chance to hear Mr Totney demonstrate his full skills at the keyboard. I so look forward to hearing this Christopher Joseph


  2. Anna What a lovely treat to hear your organ voluntary from the Evensong at Csesis. Well played on a totally unfamiliar instrument. Also your excellent photos, which are far better than mine. And you climbed the tower, which my aged knees would not allow!
    Just a shame that there is no recording of the service, where we sang so well. Christopher Joseph


    • Mummy has a recording of the whole service! She’s trying to work out the best way to share it with the Choir. She also has some videos of some of Riga rehearsals and concert AND Chris playing all three pieces which are a real treat to watch!


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