National Park and rehearsals

Today we visited a national park in Latvia and a particular an area dedicated to folk music. It is filled with stone sculptures depicting different folk songs. Our tour guide sang a few to us and showed us a folk dance too.

We walked from there to a castle, where we saw one of the traditional outfits and some of us climbed the tower!

We moved to another area for lunch before visiting a cave, where apparently, if you drink the water you become younger!

We headed back to our hotel and then to Riga Cathedral for a rehearsal. We were all thrilled to see a poster advertising our concert tomorrow!

The rehearsal went really well, the acoustics are brilliant.

Afterwards, I climbed to another huge organ loft and was privileged to be able to play the organ. It’s so huge (120 stops and at least 20 pedals plus memory settings), you have to have someone to help you change settings while you play!

One comment

  1. Anna Brilliant photos of old Riga and the cathedral. I am so glad to have these as I didn’t have time to take much and mine are nowhere near as good. Thank you very much. Christopher Joseph


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