A tour of Riga and a concert!

Today we enjoyed a tour of Riga. There is a large area of Art Deco buildings which really are beautiful. Some are heavily restored, but all done sympathetically under UNESCO.

We then walked round the old town and were told of the history of area from rebuilding to survival and the first ever decorated Christmas tree!

Following lunch,

we returned to our hotel to pack bags and then went to the cathedral to rehearse before our concert. Whilst we’d rehearsed downstairs yesterday, the cathedral wanted us to sing in the organ loft. There was plenty of room for us all and the sound resonated round the building.

What a great day and end to our brilliant Choir tour!


  1. Anna Thank you for more excellent photos, this time of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco section of the city. I don’t know why I bothered to take a camera! Yours are so good and this is a part of the city that the ordinary tourist easily misses out. Lots of great photos to share with others I hope. Christopher Joseph


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