An unexpected treat!

This morning I headed to St John’s for organ practice. When I arrived Wiltshire and Bath Organ Association were setting up for an afternoon talk. I was very lucky to be able to practice while they set up and then play Hereford Cathedral in St John’s! Well obviously, not quite, but through computer technology and speakers the sound of Hereford came to St John’s. It was a brilliant experience and I’m very grateful for it. In a few weeks time I’m going to play at Hereford Cathedral so I thought I’d do a comparison blog then. In the meantime, here’s a snippet of my playing.

And the organ ‘screen’

Kenneth gave me a copy of his book All About Hauptwerk. I think I’m going to learn an awful lot from it. I wonder if this is the future of organs?


    • Mr Totney explained it to someone as this – The computer with the Hauptwerk software, was plugged into our organ and connected it to some speakers. We then mapped each stop, one by one, from the ‘virtual’ Hereford organ to ours, and silenced the ‘real’ sound of our organ by plugging a lead into the headphone socket! Anna


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