Tewkesbury Abbey

This afternoon I travelled to Tewkesbury Abbey to play the organ voluntary. Chris was accompanying a visiting choir (Swindon and Cricklade combined) and both had enough faith in me to play at the start of the service. I felt so honoured. A huge thank you Tim Eyles, Director of Music at Christchurch Swindon, for allowing to play at the service.

Tewkesbury Abbey is the home of St Benedict.

It’s a beautiful Abbey, quite simple, but with stunning stained glass windows and a beautiful roof.

It was a real treat for me to be in the ‘organ loft’ with Chris and watching all he did through the service both getting ready and playing. The anthem was the piece he composed for the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible, The Mystery of Christ. I love it and it was really good to hear it being sung rather than singing it for a change (and hear Chris play his own music!).

The organ sounds wonderful, it has only recently been refurbished, and there are superb acoustics in the Abbey. It was a real treat to play and another outing for Bach!



The Abbey has two other organs. One very small, a chamber organ

And another large pipe organ

Another great experience!

One comment

  1. Anna Clearly another triumph -very well done indeed. Also I am so glad that you have seen this wonderful building, where I have sung with RSCM choir many times. Good luck tomorrow. C.A.Joseph


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