Lyme Regis

Yesterday we headed north and today we headed south and to the coast in glorious sunshine for the Pipe Up concert. After a rehearsal,

fourteen boys and girls from 10-17 years old played their pieces. The beauty of these concerts is, no one minds what level you are, if there are mistakes or if they’ve heard the music time and time again. We’re all there to hear and support each other, along with family and members of the public who come along too.

I was last to play today, and played Fanfare which really suits the bright organ the church has. I made what felt like a ‘huge’ mistake, but listening back I don’t think it can be heard. Towards the end, I played the wrong foot pedal and it’s a part that gets repeated. I’m obviously learning, I repeated the mistake (on purpose the second and third time) and it wasn’t that bad!

The next concert is in April in Eddington, where I first played the organ. I’m looking forward to it already!


  1. Anna As always, played with lots of confidence and using that bright sound to best advantage. Sounded absolutely great


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