A Recital!

Very exciting news!

At the moment I am doing a project on young organists and a questionnaire I have put together has gone far and wide. Today, one person who received my questionnaire looked at this blog and they have invited me to do an organ recital as part of their programme of events next summer. This is the first invitation I’ve received so I am very excited! We’ve discussed it with Chris and he is going to do it with me as an hour is a long time for me to fill, but I can’t wait!

So, on 15th September 2019 at 3pm I will be giving a recital in Gillingham Methodist Church on their Sweetland Organ. Of course I’ll update here on progress!

Thank you to Gordon for offering me this amazing opportunity.

You can see more about their music following this link. http://www.musicatgmc.org.uk/

One comment

  1. Anna Anther wonderful step up in your organ playing. Congratulations and now for a lot of preparation. I wonder if you have played tracker action instruments before? They do feel very different from what you are used to.


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