Salisbury Diocese Choral Festival

This evening we celebrated ‘Remembrance’ at the Diocese Choral Festival. It’s a special service, where church choirs from across the region get together to sing. There were over 200 choir members there today and the sound was beautiful!

The harvest decorations were still out and the colours were amazing, as were the trees outside becoming autumnal.

This service was extra special to me because Jamie and I were presented with our Bishops Awards at the beginning of it. In addition two more St John’s members received their Deans Award and Chloe received her Gold Award! It’s fabulous celebrating occasions like this with our friends.

After the service we had photos taken with the Bishop and of course our wonderful choirmaster Chris!

A very special occasion for us both!


  1. Congratulation to you both. Salisbury cathedral is especially beautiful at this time of year and a wonderful venue to receive your well earned rewards. Charming photos which we love seeing, many thanks and love to you anna and Jamie, from nan and bompas.l


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