Hereford Cathedral

Today St John’s choir headed to Hereford to sing Evensong. We arrived and left our robes and music in the Song School before heading to Pizza Express for lunch.

Back at the Cathedral, we rehearsed in the Song School for a while before rehearsing in the choir stalls. The acoustics are phenomenal in the cathedral and with John Challenger on the organ and Chris conducting, apparently we sounded sensational! We sang similar music to last Sunday.

Afterwards I got to see the organ and have a play! Access to the organ is up a very narrow and steep almost ladder into the tiny loft. Up there is a four manual, built by Henry Willis in 1879. It’s been restored and extended a few times since then. I think it might be my favourite ever to play!

Hereford is a really lovely cathedral, it’s not too big, although inside the pillars and build are quite imposing it’s also inviting. There are two organs from what I could see, a small one at the west end and the main organ that is everywhere in the chancel end, which is the one I played.


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