Outstanding all round!

This afternoon I sang with my amazing choir at the Devizes Eisteddfod. We won Most Promising Choir in the Under 18 category and the Carol Party class with Outstanding! We were a group of 18 children 8-17 years old from 10 different schools in the area. We are all really proud of our achievements. I can’t share at the moment, but hope to be able to in due course.

After a short break, I went on to play in two organ classes u14 and u18. I played my grade 6 Bach piece in the younger class and Stanford in the older class. David Bruce-Payne was the adjudicator. He used to be the organist at Birmingham Cathedral, so his advice, comments and support is well worth me having. I was delighted to win both classes with outstanding and being awarded the organ cup!

This evening we’re back in to sing with the full choir, where there are no class winners, but an opportunity for others to hear us sing outside a church service. I think I might wear my new fingerless gloves to keep my hands warm! Made for me in my favourite colour by The Secret Crocheter!


One comment

  1. A fantastic afternoon for you to begin the Eistedffod. Hope the rest goes well for you too. I really enjoyed hearing your two organ pieces. Brilliant.


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