Solo singing!

Today is the first time I have ever done solo singing at length. I was really nervous to do it and there are times when this showed. The adjudicator Sarah Jefferies gave some really useful feedback, the main thing I have to do is look like I want to be taking part!

Ash Grove was my first piece in Folk Song u15. I was told I have lovely voice (I remain unconvinced, even though people told me in the street later on!). I really lack confidence in singing and I think this is reflected in my comments. With folk songs we were all told to show we had a story to tell with our face and this is something I must work on. A commended for the class as was the winner so I was happy with that!

In u13 vocal repertoire I sang Maria Wiegenlied. I had good German pronunciation but need to watch the ich sound. It was beautifully phrased but could do with being a little quieter at the very end. My Ship was my second piece. I was told it was ‘lovely singing and very well phrased’ and my diction was spot on. My performance also improved. I received a commended, winning the class!

Finally I sang in g5/6 class with Panis Angelicus which was well phrased with a clear and focused tone. I went off key very slightly but pulled in back to end with ‘beautiful lyrical singing’. A merit for that class, a little disappointed but lots of useful comments to work on.

And the bonus of a day off school, lunch at The Peppermill, becoming a bit of an Eisteddfod treat!

One comment

  1. Anna Very well done again. Solo singing is possibly the hardest musical thing because there is no shelter of keyboard, or other instrument; just you and your voice and yes you must always “tell a story” and engage with the audience. When you play the organ you are completely unaware of audience so this is so different.
    But excuse me: CHIPS in public!


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