Piano Classes

Today was not my best day! I played in two piano classes, piano for 13 years and under and grade 8 piano solo.

My first piece in the repertoire was Gigue by Bach. I can’t believe I fluffed the beginning and had to restart and I think having lost my confidence it felt like I only just made it through. However, my Ravel ‘Valse’ from the grade 7 syllabus went really well. The adjudicator was hugely complimentary of my playing. She said it was outstanding. She continued to say that she was an ABRSM examiner and that it was the best she’d ever heard it! That was huge praise indeed.

The second class was grade 8 piano solo. My playing didn’t go quite as well as I wanted and I was disappointed with my performance. However it’s been a long few days, it was a late class and I think I had no more in me. I’m going to think about how I might improve my stamina going forward, I’m going to need it come academic and music exams and if I want to fulfil my music dreams.