I don’t think there is a more tranquil, calming or moving service than Taize. This evening I was privileged to play at the service in St Mary’s Church. I love the the church building, the stonework is beautifully carved and there are intriguing points of interest like the door in the wall high over the nave. It once gave access to the roof screen.

The candles were lit just before the service, with the cross being filled with more candles by those present. I played Wait for the Lord, Bless the Lord my Soul, O Lord Hear My Prayer and Ubi Caritas. If you don’t know them, do look them up. The words are simple and they are played and sung so many times that you can’t help but become engrossed, losing yourself in the atmosphere created.

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  1. Anna I’m ashamed to say I hardly knew that this was happening. Very well done for your contribution and for bringing it to us all


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