End of term!

It’s the end of term today for me and we celebrated with our traditional Carol service, this year in St Stephen’s Church because the Abbey in Bath is having work done.

Chris picked me up early so we could have a practice on the organ before the choir arrived. He is so supportive of my playing and on days like this he goes above and beyond to help me. I’m so lucky! I had a good 15 minutes of music to play as people took their seats and after the service I had some really fantastic ‘well done!’ comments from friends and teachers. The Administrator gave me her details and said I could play any time I wanted. The church sadly doesn’t have an organist at present and an offer like that is phenomenal.

During the service, a traditional Nine Lessons and Carols with extra Mr Goodall (our Director of Music) descants sling with drums and brass. It always sounds fabulous and is a real start to the Christmas holidays.

After the service Daddy took me for lunch, our tradition which I really enjoy. Who doesn’t love steak, bernaise sauce and chips?!

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