St Paul’s Cathedral

Two years ago today our choir sang at St Paul’s Cathedral. It was a once in a life time experience yet, today we did it again! We were so lucky to be invited back to the beautiful cathedral for a second time. We left Devizes on a packed coach of choir members and supporters for London, arriving in glorious sunshine and in good time for our lunch at Pizza Express.

After lunch, we headed into the choir school for a rehearsal before going into the cathedral for a practice for an hour.

As we’d had a Christmas break and a lot on before the end of term, we sang music we knew well. It was hard when we first started it but now we sing it with confidence. We sang Howells, Moore and MacMillan. It was very special seeing our choir name on the service details.

Sadly there wasn’t time for me to play or even see the organ. Paul Carr who accompanied us played brilliantly and it was lovely to hear it (and meet him!). One day I’ll get to that manual!

This time my Mum wouldn’t let us leave without a photo of Jamie and me together in our robes at St Paul’s!

A great start to the new year and another fabulous event for St John’s choir. How lucky are we?!


  1. Anna and Yzanne Thanks so much for these wonderful photos. A lovely way of remembering a very special occasion. I don’t think the choir has ever sung better. But I still want you to learn the voluntary – please!


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