Pembroke College, Cambridge at Salisbury Cathedral

This evening I headed to Salisbury to hear Evensong, sung by Pembroke College, Cambridge. I was so lucky to be invited by Anna Lapwood, the Director of Music, to sit in the organ loft and page turn for their organ scholar. It was a fabulous experience for me, not only did I learn a lot I also really enjoyed hearing the wonderful singing, especially the anthem.

At the end of the service, Anna played a phenomenal voluntary, a play on the Sussex Carol. It’s way too hard for me at the moment but I’m going to have to find out what it is and learn it one day!

The Cathedral has scaffolding in place at the moment, ready for the organ renovation work which will be carried out over the next couple of years. It means the Cathedral isn’t as pretty as normal but the Christmas tree and nativity scene are still in place and the works will be worth it!


  1. Anna Lucky you to be invited into the organ loft to hear that fabulous instrument. And I’m sure you will have learned so much from this experience.


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