Pie Jesu

This afternoon I sang at the Eisteddfod winners concert, not a piece I sang at the event, but a chance to sing Pie Jesu in public, as you know, not something I really enjoy (at least not in front of my family!).

I’m continuing to find confidence in my voice though. Chris was there and said it was great, Michael gave me a hug and told me he was proud of me and I had very kind compliments from so many people afterwards it makes me think, just maybe, I can solo sing.

Once again the event was in the beautiful Devizes Town Hall.

I have a few concerts coming up (March and May) where I know I’ll be singing and I’ve asked for a solo at church. My confidence will develop. I need to be able to do this for my chosen career, so best get on with it!


  1. Anna Your comment hits the nail on the head. Yes you absolutely do “need to do this for my/your chosen career”. Please seize every opportunity to sing solo in public. Well done on jumping this hurdle so well


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