A long weekend!

It’s been a great long weekend. On Friday we were snowed in at home and school was closed to day pupils, so we had three days off!

I had fun in the garden with Fudge, who experienced snow for the first time

and building a snow man with my brother!

Three days off has also allowed for plenty of music practise time, which has been especially valuable as I have been invited to play my first full service in March at Edington Priory, so of course I need to get the hymns right and perfect a voluntary or two.

Piano needs practising to, I have my grade 8 exam in the summer and hope to start my Diploma pieces soon, so I need to work really hard on finishing off the g8 pieces. There’s a video on this link Gigue by Bach

My project front cover tagxedo has come through from the brilliant WordWorks team and I love it!

And we even managed to get out, late Sunday afternoon for an organ lesson and fresh snow kicking!

Back to school tomorrow, all caught up on work, practise and chilling!

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