Elsie May Shearing

Elsie was my Great Grandma and a talented musician. She is pictured here with her husband (my Great Grandpa) and my Grandpa as a young boy.

She played the violin and piano and was teaching when she was 14 (my age!). Elsie has her own orchestra and toured during the Second World War, playing the violin with another orchestra, just weeks after having had my Grandpa. I have her diary from the time and letters from the War Office asking her to play! I have some of her certificates on my wall

and a collection of her musical items including the plaque she had outside her front door on the shelf

A few weeks ago, my Uncle brought me a box of her music. Some of it is really old and it’s all very interesting to go through. One of my half-term jobs is to try and sort the box out along with a lot of other music I’ve generously been given. Any suggestions on how to store it and catalogue it would be gratefully received!


  1. Anna How wonderful to have these family treasures. I wish our family had kept more. For storage try hunting in second hand furniture shops. Drapers’ cabinets are ideal so are some others. I use an old rock specimen cabinet and one that had vinyl records!


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