Spring Concert

It’s that time of year again, Spring concert evening for Michael’s pupils, once again the lovely Town Hall of Devizes. It was a smaller group of us this evening than usual but we still enjoyed a wide variety of piano, singing and violin music and some fantastic talent.

I performed twice. I sang a grade 6 piece, En priere . I’m still not comfortable singing solo pieces in public without the choir with me, but I’ve shared a video for the first time! (Follow the link from the name)

Later in the concert I played one of my grade 8 pieces, Intermezzo in A Minor . I’m much happier playing the piano than singing, but I know I still need to work on my smile and bow!

These concerts are a superb way for all those taking part to get used to playing in front of an audience. They are always supportive, no matter how many mistakes anyone makes (not that they did this evening!), no matter how badly you feel you’ve done, there’s always a big round of applause and kind comments shared all round at the end of the evening.


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