Lyme Regis

I visited Lyme Regis today for the annual South Wessex Organ Society course. This year five students took part in the junior course with lessons from Philip Scriven, Andrew Millington, Martin Schellenberg and Peter Parshall. We had the opportunity to play the fantastic organ in St Michael’s Church, have a pieces pulled to bits, put back together and sounding even better!

The church is always warm and welcoming and Lyme Regis is beautiful in the sun!

At the same time as the junior day course, there is a full course running. During the day they visit churches, cathedrals and abbeys in the area. They return late afternoon and the junior course attendees provide a recital between them. I played Stanford at Lyme Regis

It’s always fun to meet up with old friends and make new ones, catch up with progress and experiences while learning and developing skills.

More information on the South Wessex Organ Society can be found here

Another great day and good experience. Now a half term rest starts!


  1. Good to hear you play the Stanford again and on this lovely instrument. Nice use of all three manuals to provide variation in tone colour too. I wonder if you met my friend Andrew Carter on the course?


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