Music sorted!

I’ve been so lucky to have been been given music, inherited some, have a generous allowance from the RSCM Pipeline Scholarship and friends and relatives who buy me some when they see it. This week I have gone through all of it (including the pieces I bought just this week on my trip to Cambridge and Lyme Regis).

I’ve sorted it from boxes to piles…

… a bookshelf full of organ, piano and singing music

It’s currently sorted by genres and instrument. Next job is to catalogue it all! I feel very lucky to have such an amazing collection already but look forward to it continuing to grow.


  1. Oxfam Books and Music shops are fantastic for sheet music. If you’re ever in Bristol with Mum there are 4 there and their prices are much cheaper than Oxford’s ones (was there last week) and now their Christmas music books are starting to appear it’s a great little goldmine! The one in Knowle Solihull (around 18 km from me) have a huge promo on sheet music now!!!!


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