Practise at Edington

This morning I met Chris at the beautiful Edington Priory, looking fabulous in the sunshine!

Next Sunday I play my first ever full service there, so we went through the order of service, sorted the settings on the organ and had a full run through. I’ll be playing an opening voluntary (Stanford), 4 hymns and a final voluntary (Fanfare) and a few helpful notes along the way! It’s not the church I usually go to so the order of service is different to what I am used to. However, Chris is beyond generous with his support and encouragement, making sure I’m as prepared as I can possibly be. We’ve numbered everything, I’ve got plenty of notes in the order of service and my Mum is going to sit at the Organ with me making sure I’ve not the next piece of music ready and help me come in (giving key starting notes) at the right times.

It was really good to be back at Edington again. I’ve been lucky enough to play there several times, but more importantly for me it was the first organ I ever played and that will always make it special. The Organ was installed by Harrison and Harrison in 2014. The details can be found here Edington Priory Spec .

A snippet of Fanfare from today.


  1. What a great opportunity..Relax and enjoy. I’m sure this will just be the beginning of many services you will play for but you’ll never forget this one


  2. Anna What a wonderful place for your first full service and always good to play an organ that you know well. Very best wishes for a successful day


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