We’re more than a choir!

Nearly every Friday night during term time, choir meet to rehearse for the Sunday and other services coming up. This week, rather than a practise, tonight we were part of a concert, celebrating the love of music and life of Felicity Walker. Felicity was the wife of one of our bass singers and sadly she lost her fight to cancer last May. Bob, her husband, organised this evening with the help of Chris, to remember Felicity and raise funds for Dorothy House.

We enjoyed a wide variety of music from around the world played on; bagpipes, harp, guitar, piano and organ and of course there was choral singing and even some opera, performed by family and friends.

It was a longer Friday night of choir than we usually have, but it really brought home to us all, we’re more than a choir, we’re more than friends, we’re extended family, there for each other, supporting and celebrating each other when it matters the most.

One comment

  1. A touching sentiment Anna. You are fortunate to be part of such a caring and supportive group and I am delighted to know how much it means to you


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