First full service!

This morning I played my first full service. The organist at Edington Priory was away and so it was an ideal opportunity for me to play in a local church on an organ I’ve played before. It is in fact the first organ I ever played, just over four years ago at Pipes and Pizza organised by Pipe Up! and Salisbury Diocese. That link made today even more special for me.

Chris had a run through with me last week and I’ve been making sure since then I’ve rehearsed in order each day.

I arrived in good time to have a final run through on the organ in the Priory and make sure all was in order (and my settings were still set!).

Postlude on an Old Irish Melody, hymns 74, 64, 307, 67 and Fanfare (along with a few phrases and notes for the choir) later and the service was done! I can’t believe how quickly it went by and other than giving a note just before I should have done it all went really well. Mistakes like that I guess are easy to make when it’s not a service setting you’re used to. I know from it now to ask about what is sung and what is said when I play an unfamiliar setting again. My Mum sat up with me helping make sure I knew where I was in the order of service, remind me I was on the last hymn verse and to page turn which helped, but I felt well prepared and confident once I’d started.

At the end of the service I had a round of applause and lots of congratulations and thank you comments along with an invitation to play in the future so I must have done ok! I left quite quickly to make it back to St John’s before the end of Matins so I could report to Chris how it had gone. Ben Rundell-Evans (Ben’s first Communion) was taking the service and asked me in the last hymn how it went and then congratulated me in front of my home church, who kindly gave me another round of applause and lots of congratulations comments again.

I’d never have been able to do today without the constant support of my parents, grandparents, brother, Chris Totney, Pipe Up!, RSCM Pipeline and of course St John’s Church and Edington Priory. Thank you all for your support. Thank you to Granny, Baba, Mummy, Daddy and Jamie for coming and giving moral support.


  1. I think those hymns you see in the Ancient and Modern or the New English Hymnal, to name just two books are really difficult to play.


  2. Congratulations on another happy and highly successful day enjoyed by so many friends and family. Love nan and bompas


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