Spring concert

This evening Stonar School held their annual Spring concert at the United Church in Melksham.

We enjoyed a fabulous mix of music and drama performances from some of the youngest in school to some of the oldest. I performed a selection of musical numbers with Chamber Choir.

I also played a piano solo, First movement of Beethovens sonata in f minor. I know I know the piece of by heart and can perform it without the music. For some reason this evening I didn’t believe in myself, was doing fine, looked at the music, realised I was lost, even though I knew the next note and allowed a little rest to long to make it at least appear to be written in the music! I rallied and played the rest of it without the music and mistake free. Lesson learned, remember to remember I can do it!

I must mention my friend Muse who played a traditional Chinese instrument, a Guzheng. She was remarkable to watch and listen to. If you’ve never seen or heard one played before, do find a video to watch. It’s awesome and a real talent.

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  1. Anna Very well done again. The music from memory almost always involves a few incidents like this early on, but don’t be discouraged. Now is the time to do this! and then onwards and upwards


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