Pulling Out The Stops

I visited Salisbury Cathedral today for the first time since the organ has gone for refurbishment. No matter which angle you look at the choir stalls from, the area where the pipes usually sit looks very bare.

However, there is a fabulous exhibition in the Cathedral, Pulling Out The Stops.

It’s interactive and informative. Whilst it doesn’t replace the organ, it certainly explains the work that is taking place, how and why. I enjoyed experimenting with the virtual (Hauptwerk) organ.

I also enjoyed learning about organ building, materials and techniques. There’s plenty of information about the history, parts of the organ, sizes of pipes and videos showing areas of the organ you’d never usually see.

It’s a family friendly exhibition (with a quiz) that is well worth seeing and I shall certainly be going back again.

After looking round I met with the Assistant Organist, John Challenger. John plays the organ fir our choir when we tour quite often. I wanted to understand a bit more about organ scholarships and have a better understanding of the application process and what to expect. I learned a lot from our conversation and have a better idea of how to (hopefully) fulfil my dreams. I feel very lucky to have the help, advice and knowledge of people like John as I work towards my goals.

One comment

  1. This looks a fascinating exhibition Anna….lots and lots of interesting hands on stuff that would be right up my street as a music anorak!


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