Jennifer Bate Organ Academy

Written by Mummy!

Yesterday I took Anna to Guildford Cathedral, ready for a six day residential course, the Jennifer Bate Organ Academy.

All the students arrived on time, smartly dressed in their white blouses and black skirts, (for Evensong) some, like Anna looking slightly anxious and others greeting old friends. By the end of the week I’m sure they’ll all be friends as just twelve girls benefit from what promises to be a full on week of music making.

The cathedral itself is ‘modern’, consecrated in 1961. The outside is deceiving, looking quite austere

hiding a very simple, beautiful interior

Once the students had all gathered and met, they rehearsed for Evensong, the first of many things they’ll do together this week. It’s a great way to break the ice and they certainly sang well given their limited rehearsal time. Anna will have been happy as the anthem was by Howells a name never far away from the choir or the organ bench of St John’s.

Service done, it was time to say goodbye to friends and family as the girls headed to their base for the week, St Catherine’s School, Bramley and we headed our separate ways home.

Today there is a Romantic and Modern Masterclass followed by a Harpsichord Masterclass. The students have been sent music to prepare for these and I know Anna is very much looking forward to them and I look forward to hearing all about them! The house is quiet without the piano or organ being touched for 24 hours already, I guess we’ll just have to get used to it for a few days!


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